Whenever I Can’t Replicate A Scenario

Whenever there’s an issue in production that I can’t seem to replicate quickly in our development environment, the problem reminds me that I have not tested everything in our software, that there are gaps in the model I’m currently using to test our application. The mistakes I make in diagnosing a problem helps me improve but also tells me that I have not explored our systems enough, or that maybe I have forgotten something that should help me test, or that perhaps there are modules that have changed since I last visited them.

More importantly, such scenarios prompt me to remember that I literally can’t know or test everything, that I need help in these cases, and that is precisely why it takes a whole team always extending continuous effort to bring quality up to a point where customers love our app. That means everyone’s​ testing skills need to stack up, salespeople, testers, programmers, product owners, everyone.


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