Thank You, 2016!

Some thank you’s to start 2017 right:

Firstly, thank you to Mom and Dad, for incessantly being the loving parents that they are. And to Aris and his growing family, which is a consistent wonder at home.

Thank you to my colleagues over at DirectWithHotels, for the magical experience of being part of the software development team. To Onchie, for his thoughts and programming expertise which help shape the test suites I write into what they’re capable of doing. To Jefferson, Cedrick, Jonan, and Ryan, for their display of remarkable teamwork that habitually motivates. To my team of junior testers, Andie, Russel, Elaine, Van, and Ron, for keeping up with the testing work that we need to face day in day out. And to my supervisor, Bobby, for his trust in my experiments and work ethic.

Thank you to the software testers around the world who keep on sharing their adventures to the testing community, for showing me how wonderful the work is and continues to be. I gained a lot from Jeff MorganAlan Richardson and Jeff Nyman‘s pieces last year, and I’m sure there’s more to learn because our industry is so diverse. And with that, I’ll do my part to help.

Thank you to Junnell and Nikka, for always being a reservoir of inspiration, for unfailingly being such dear friends.

Thank you to Kleng, for her love, affection, and lessons learned.

And lastly, thank you dear readers, for the gift of your precious time and attention. I hope to keep my writing rolling on schedule this year and I hope they will be of some value to you.


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