Notes from Rob Lambert’s “The Problems with Software Testing”

Rob Lambert is certain that the current world of software testing is in chaos, convinced that the software testing community is in a state of turmoil in recent years, and he’s actually turned his ideas about some of these software problems into a free e-book, wrote and talked about them so that those of us who continue to test software for a living are guided about the reality of the industry and about what we can do.

Some notes from the book:

  • Automating software testing is no different from automating tasks outside of work. We are ultimately trying to save labor time, do tasks we would not normally be able to do and automate those tasks that are tedious. And on paper that sounds awesome. Problem is, in reality it’s not quite as sweet as that.
  • Best practices are moments in time when something went well, for someone, on some project and in some context. There’s no guarantee that it will work again in the future as your context is forever changing.
  • Certifications are certainly a way to make money. Which is fine, it’s got a good business model. No one can begrudge people for making money. But is the certification helping the testing community or is it ruining it? Is it making testers “better” at what they do or simply giving them some generic terminology and a piece of paper? Is that a bad thing? Is it spoiling testers with false education?

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