Easy and Challenging


  • give programmers something to do and monitor their tasks
  • add new features
  • file a bug report
  • work on the clock
  • say we are good to go on that production release
  • perform daily stand ups
  • complain about company training opportunities
  • write a test scenario
  • find time for the things we want to do
  • teach someone how to test


  • empathize with what programmers do
  • solve a customer’s problem
  • understand why a bug exists in the first place and prevent it from happening again
  • make sure that work never ceases to have deep personal meaning
  • build the confidence and systems necessary for being able to say we are good to go
  • collaborate and communicate with teammates well
  • stop waiting for permission to build or learn something
  • understand why a test scenario is valuable or not
  • have the discipline to actually do the things we really want to pursue
  • teach someone how to test effectively

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