Some Questions About Team Processes

Is there ever a specific software development process that works everytime, for all kinds of teams, on all sorts of development projects? If there is, how is it done? If we don’t know, do we need to create one or do we let each team decide and use what works for them?

Does it matter that teams are very productive as described by numbers and documentation, or should we focus on building team interaction and collaboration?

Do we write and test software for the sake of a manager’s approval?

Is it worthwhile that a team continues to use the latest trending process, or a comfortable legacy one, even when they know that the process has already failed them many times over?

Is it difficult to trust a team when you don’t know exactly what they’re doing but you understand that they deliver their best work every time?

Isn’t it a manager or a leader’s responsibility to believe that their team is capable of doing something great, to find and understand the needs of the team, and to help them in gaining those things? Isn’t it our job to guide them in becoming self-sufficient? Should they serve us, or should we serve them?

How does one appropriately evaluate team performance?

Does diligently performing estimation and daily stand-ups and writing user stories and going to meetings that take all day means we’re agile? Should we only continue to follow structured procedures that other people tell us to do or should we think about them deeply and see for ourselves whether they have merit on our team, experiment and decide on our own if they work?


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