Personal Rules On The Job

I take full responsibility for bringing out my best work, in the things I can control, everyday, to the full extent of my abilities. And to the many other things that’s beyond my jurisdiction, I can only listen, I can only suggest probable solutions or try to provide possibly helpful information or opinion.

I can never manage other people’s lives, and it would be wrongful of me to even try doing so because that means I’ll deprive them of their freedom to think and live by and for themselves. If I do that I’ll take from them the chance to solve problems on their own and grow. This does not mean that I will not care for my teammates nor I will not help them whenever possible.

I have to take it upon myself to look for the learning that I need and digest what I can. I won’t held another person or an entity to be accountable for my growth. I am responsible for my own research and development.

I will not bash myself when I fail to perform in cases where I honestly forgot to do something. I am fallible. But I will certainly learn and will put up systems so I don’t make the same mistakes over and over.

I cannot shy away from leaving a contract where I feel that the other party willingly decides to stop caring for my welfare or where our goals do not match anymore.

I shall take care of my body so I can fulfill my best work, every working day, but family and my own health always takes precedence.

I will not force people to do things my way. I can only teach, I can only share stories of my experiences and lessons learned. I will always let the other party decide what’s best for him or her, even if I think that his or her decision may bring forth a mistake or failure.


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