There Is No Such Thing As Automated Testing

as there is no such thing as automated programing, automated user experience design, or automated product management.

But we all use tools.

Integrated development environments like Eclipse, Netbeans, and Sublime are tools. Version control systems like Git and Subversion are tools. Invision and Sketch are wireframing/prototyping tools. Google Docs and Google Search are tools. Jira and Assembla are project tracking tools.

Lesson one: Selenium Webdriver automates browsers and web applications. They do not automate software testing, even though we can certainly automate some of the checking we want to include in our testing. Humans do the testing, and there is nothing automated in the testing process.

Lesson two: Tools can help us perform our work better and faster, but they can also limit and hinder us from doing our jobs well. It depends on the circumstances and context whether tools make our lives easier, whether they solve the problems we tackle.

Lesson three: Choosing the proper words for describing what we do in our work, as well as the tools we use, matters.


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