Some Lessons I Wish I Learned Way Back Earlier

  • We judge ourselves by our own thoughts. Others judge us by what we do.
  • Most of us can’t be the best on any one area, but we can be exceptional when we combine areas we like to do.
  • Habits and tools can extend what we are capable of, but they can also extend the limits of our skills.
  • We can learn a lot about ourselves, our strengths,weaknesses, and the things we truly value, when we regularly find time to create personal projects.
  • Passion comes from succeeding at something. It comes after success, not before. It is what helps us focus our efforts on the things that rewards us the most.
  • Teaching what we have learned to somebody who doesn’t know what it is we know tells us how deeply we understand the subject.
  • Productivity and progress are not the same. We can be productive but not move an inch closer to what we deeply want to pursue.
  • People grow fast when we let them solve problems on their own, when we trust their abilities, when we understand that they will fail first, learn second, succeed eventually, and we are by their side the whole way through.

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