Some Testing Questions I Want To Have An Answer To In The Next Few Years

  • What oracle-based checks can I create using Perl, JMeterSoapUI, and Galen?
  • How do I run Selenium-Java automated checks on Docker?
  • Will my automated test suite run properly if I replace FirefoxDriver with GhostDriver?
  • Aside from telling stories about software testing and imparting lessons about the work, what else can a test manager do to help beginner software tester’s enjoy their job?
  • What security tests can I implement at work?
  • Is it difficult to build a Ruby-WatirWebdriver implementation of an existing Selenium-Java test suite?
  • How do experienced software testers implement pair testing in practice?
  • How do I configure automated checks to run on Amazon Web Services, SauceLabs, or BrowserStack?
  • Can I manipulate a browser’s user agent to change from desktop to mobile using Webdriver?
  • How does a software tester test a car that doesn’t need a human driver to go to places? Or robots that can run a hotel? Or a Pokemon game in virtual reality?
  • What happens if I use replace the FirefoxDriver call with Marionette?
  • How does it feel to be part of Mozilla’s QA Team?
  • Does Cucumber or Fitnesse fit in my current testing process?
  • Besides tooling, research, spreading testing inspiration and knowledge, and helping junior testers do their work well, what else do test managers need to do?

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