Sometimes pausing is what we need in regaining perspective over things – to take a step away from the busy city streets for a week or so, to disconnect oneself for a moment from all goals, deadlines, and the internet, to shut down for a while before rebooting again. When stuff become overwhelming, when the mind start to burn out, when to-do lists stop making sense and activities seem to be less important than they were before, a leave from the usual routine often helps. Some ideas: going to the province for a surprise visit to the parents, sleeping in and staying longer in bed with the spouse, spending days playing with the kids, travelling to the beach or somewhere a little remote for an adventure with great friends. What matters is to introduce something different and experimental to the usual gig. Another set: reading a classic book, writing down thoughts about something important, learning to cook or bake, walking a mile or two, talking to the best friend for hours, doing some of the personal art that have been put off. Change is useful either by amplifying what is known to be working or by making you realize that an existing productive process can be better.


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