Favorite Chrome Extensions & Apps For Software Testing

I like using both Firefox and Google Chrome but Chrome is usually my go-to-browser, even though I prefer Firefox’s developer tools and it is awesome for having Firebug and Firepath. Anyway, today I’d like to share a small list of favorite Google Chrome extensions and apps that I use for work:

  • Web Developer Form Filler (extension: for quickly filling forms by pressing a keyboard hotkey I personally set)
  • Lightshot (extension: for capturing screenshots and adding annotations to them on the spot)
  • Ghost Inspector (extension: for automated end-to-end tests I can record and play anytime. tests run on the cloud too!)
  • WAVE Evaluation Tool (extension: for visual feedback about the accessibility of a page)
  • Postman (app: for testing API request responses)
  • MindMup (app: for writing mind maps, useful for studying new product features and learning connections between existing and new requirements)
  • Window Resizer (extension: for emulating different browser sizes)

Google Chrome makes them easy to use too by having the option to launch them using keyboard shortcuts. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Favorite Chrome Extensions & Apps For Software Testing

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