Easy and Difficult Questions About Learning

“Can I learn this new skill or tool?” is not an important question to ask, because, it is an easy question. Yes, you can. Yes, you can be an expert at anything when you’ve decided you’re going to be someone who is skilled at whatever it is you want to learn.

“Do I need this in my life? For what reasons?” are better, but more difficult, questions. They require us to think about who we are, about the things we believe are valuable. If the answers you come up with to these questions make sense to you, if the need is profoundly true, then there shouldn’t be any reason why you can’t be the master. Conversely, if your answers are unclear, no one can help you become what you seek, no teacher can motivate you, yourself even, to be what you want to be.

2 thoughts on “Easy and Difficult Questions About Learning

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