A Daily Standup Reminder

The programmers are the usual suspects in a daily stand-up ritual. Each of them take turns talking about what they did yesterday, what they will be taking on today, and what problems or successes they’ve encountered. It is a must that their voices are heard clearly by the scrum master and the product owner, who are there to monitor the project’s progress, and their co-developers, who most need to be in sync with code changes.

I hope the team scrum master and tester are sharing the things they’ve been busy doing too; as far as I know, they work towards the same goal as the people who write the code. Maybe tasks are not yet ready to be tested, maybe the team is cruising well on the development iteration, still their thoughts and opinions are valued – about ongoing tasks, about current processes, about possible ways of moving the team forward as awesome as possible. Share tests scripts and important use cases, honestly tell the group where they’re at, ask clarifying questions whenever needed, show test results, suggest process changes that could deliver more fun and creativity, say thanks to everyone who’s been working hard.


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