Proud Of What We’ve Been Through Together

Two of my software tester teammates (they’re also scrum masters) recently moved on to (hopefully) better offices, in search of new challenges and interesting adventures, and ultimately trying to build better lives for themselves and their families. Nothing more can be said about their decision to leave the group except that they’re heavily thinking about their future, which is great, which has always been a basic and necessary motivation in becoming an employee. In that regard, as a software tester and as their good friend, I am glad that they’ve been running scenarios in their head and practicing their decision-making skills. They’ve chosen a path to follow, they’ve understood the conditions and the consequences, and they’ve started testing that road.

As for me, the most important thing is that I was able to share my stories and my beliefs to them while they were under my wing, to build a thread of connection as software testers working towards common goals, a creative something that I’d like to think they will pass on to all the people they’ll be helping while being under new teams. For that alone, I am ecstatically happy that I have been given the opportunity to work closely with them these past few years, and elatedly proud of everything that we’ve done together.


2 thoughts on “Proud Of What We’ve Been Through Together

  1. I was looking for some real world selenium projects and stumbled upon your github repo. I must say that your automation code is by far the most confusing I have encountered. What framework approach do you use?

    If you can, would you care to make a blog-post explaining some of your code in more detail? The one I found diffucult to grasp was bookingengine.

    Sorry for the random-creepy message, but as software testers – we are curious and everywhere 🙂

    • I’m taking your comment on my automation code as a constructive criticism. I know I still have many things I need to learn about automated testing. 😀

      Anyway, about the bookingEngine autoamtion code, I think you can see a pattern in most of my classes in there (TestRsvsn, TestData, Page, Locator, Copies). Locator classes contain the element locations, Copies classes store, expected copies for tests, Page classes contain the specific methods for the tests, and TestRsvsn classes lists all the tests I perform. Tests are all UI end-to-end tests so they deal mostly about copy, data validation.

      As for the approach, I try to implement the page-object pattern in all classes. I use TestNG framework to run my tests in the TestRsvsn classes. The test classes call the Page classes, which then uses the copies, locator, and other classes in the package. That’s basically it; there’s just that many combinations of UI tests I like to perform for bookingEngine for the regression phase.

      I’ll think about that blog post, but I hope that satisfies your curiosity a little bit in the meantime.


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