Fine-Tuning The Software Development Process

Lately I’ve been thinking about the software development process we have at work, the stuff that has been keeping us in shape for the past few years. It’s a system of smaller systems, which in turn makes up a flow – requirements gathering, sprint planning, sprint iteration and monitoring, demo and retrospectives, testing, project release. Good flow helps deliver quality service, bad flow makes it difficult to produce value.

I actually think we’re actually doing good so far on the flow. 🙂

Still, there are some areas in our current process where I believe we could be many times better in the near future, such as tasks estimation, business rules presentation and documentation, sprint data analysis, testing (especially unit testing), and continuous integration. It’ll take a while, of course. The challenge is for everyone in the team to keep seeking the possible small improvements we can easily implement, baby steps that makes our good flow better than ever. Delivering quality has always been a team effort, not a task reserved to testers (nor to any one person) alone.


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