Some Stories I Tell Myself About Testing (And Work In General)

  • Testing isn’t limited to software.
  • Just because I know and use test automation does not necessarily mean I am a better software tester.
  • I can’t improve a product’s quality by testing, but the team can certainly do it by proactively acting on the results of testing.
  • My best work depends on how I deeply care for the needs of my customers.
  • How much better I become at what I do depends on the effort, focus, and time I invest on studying, learning, and applying better systems.
  • I go to work because I am hired to create better stuff, not to comfortably sit on my ass the whole day.
  • I’d like to believe that software testers are software scientists or software detectives, who are very curious people.
  • I don’t need permission to perform the work that I can do, and I claim full responsibility for the stuff that I do decide to do whether I succeed or fail at them.
  • I have the right to be compensated well for my services when I’m really good at what I do and I continue to make an impact, not because I’ve been with the company for years nor because of my job position.
  • If I’m not enjoying the time I spend at the office, why am I there again?

I think that the few or several stories we believe about our work has noticeable effect on how well we perform our jobs, as well as how much we enjoy our days in our chosen offices. What stories do you tell to yourself?


2 thoughts on “Some Stories I Tell Myself About Testing (And Work In General)

  1. Sir, I just found out you have your own wordpress blog..
    I was amazed and really inspired 🙂
    No wonder why you are diligent in your work because of these stories you tell yourself..
    I guess I have to start making my own list.

    thanks for sharing!

    • Glad you enjoyed the post. And thanks for the follow. 🙂 I try to write something every week. It helps build a habit, helps me practice my English writing, and keeps me thinking about how and why I do my work.


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