English-Speaking Zone

Some friends recently suddenly wanted to practice their English in the office by playing a game. An English-speaking zone were set up to make it official, along with a few rules: a) speaking a word in the vernacular will merit a one peso fine,  while b) speaking more than five words in the local language will mean a max fine of five pesos per instance of talking. I went along to play the game with them since I work at the same room where they placed the zone. At first I wasn’t sure they’d take the game seriously, but weeks have gone by and they’re still going through with it, which is great, a win-win situation for everyone for several reasons: a) we get to practice speaking in English without feeling awkward about it (which includes talking to bosses), b) we get to laugh at each other’s grammar mistakes, and c) we get to correct and help each other. It’s been a fun game so far. 🙂

Like many other things that we can become masters at, it all boils down to practice, and learning to speak a language is best done together with peers and friends (unlike writing which anyone can do on their own), especially when everyone’s willing to work in achieving a common goal.


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