About Art and Being An Artist

Painting is one form of art. Programming is another, so is dancing, cooking, photography, knitting, writing, or marketing. I’d like to think that software testing is an art form too, just like all these other endeavors where one can pour her mind and heart into. Things we do become art when we never stop coming to practice, when we continue delivering our very best no matter what, when we care deeply about the way we create whatever it is that we bring into the world, as well as the impact it provides to our chosen audience; it is not one’s medium of choice that makes an item a work of art. We become artists when we continuously build stuff that we think has value to someone (our customers, our friends, our family, ourselves), ship it for them to see and engage with, learn from the process, and use what we’ve gained to produce something of worth again, repeating the cycle.

2 thoughts on “About Art and Being An Artist

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