A Hundred and Four Tuesdays Since, Thank You

Five years in the software testing industry and I feel that I’ve grown a lot from the unknowing and uncertain computer engineering graduate that I was back in 2010. There have been frustrating days but in general I’ve had tons of fun working all this time – solving problems with many programmers, helping testing leads sort out issues, exchanging wits with serviced clients, and sharing experiences with co-testers. It’s been a wonderful ride all in all, especially now that I’m able to write about said adventures and share thoughts about work. And today, in celebration of two years worth of weekly short (but meaningful, I hope) blog posts, I thank you dear Reader once again for permitting me to send my writing to your email or news dashboards. It means a lot to me that somehow some of my words and sentences have been able to reach you, sparked an interest even.

I promise that One Software Tester will continue to be around, weekly, every Tuesday mornings by design, while there are words left to be written about software testing. There’s lots of areas in the industry I have yet to explore and write about, and as such the testing continues. And to all software testers out there, please continue letting your curious selves run free, please continue learning, improving, and caring. 🙂


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