On Certification

I’ve given software testing certification very minimal thought in all my years of testing practice in the industry. I have browsed the IQTSTB site once before, I think about three years ago, and have wondered what type of exam do they give to applicants and how they grade them. If the test covers multiple-choice questions, I thought I was pretty sure I could ace them. I thought about how getting certified would be a good thing to add on my resume, listed on the accomplishments category. But years passed by fast, and as I focused on actual software testing work, on leading a team of testers and helping programmers finish their tasks and using automation, I feel that I didn’t miss out on anything valuable by forgetting to get any certification. After all, my bosses did not ask me for any before I was allowed to do what I do, they simply judged me by the stuff that I was able to create and provide. It did not matter which school I was from, it did not matter that I had bad grades in some classes on my transcript, and it certainly did not matter that I didn’t have any software testing certificate to show. What mattered was I had experience in the job. What mattered was that I know was able to carry out my tasks really well. What mattered was that I was good enough to get the position that I applied myself into. It mattered what my skill set is, it mattered that the people I work with trusted me with the job they wanted me to lead, it mattered that I continue to strive to be better so I can deliver better things to people I support.


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