Between Exploratory Manual Testing and Automated Testing

I have spent the most part of 2014 studying and learning software test automation and the process has brought me to all sorts of places in the web, from StackOverflow answers to difficult questions, to very helpful blogs (like this, this, and this) and online courses (such as this and this). It’s been quite an insightful journey. I’ve found good solutions to the regression testing problems that have been annoying me last year, as well as new puzzles to solve.

Most of all I have learned this valuable lesson: exploratory manual testing is not inferior nor superior to automated testing. These two go hand in hand, and the remarkable software tester knows when and how to use both.


2 thoughts on “Between Exploratory Manual Testing and Automated Testing

  1. You are absolutely right that ignoring either of these or over-emphasis on one is not a good test strategy. I really liked the way this concept is covered in Agile Testing Quadrants by Lisa and Janet that a good testing strategy should cover all areas and not just focused on one quadrant. And thanks for sharing some very useful resources.


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