About Other Things That Are Good For The Soul

Drawing, writing, and reading are some of the important things I’d like to keep doing in my life that do not always involve sitting in front of a computer, unlike software test automation. These can be done digitally of course (which many of my peers do) but I’ve found out that they’re really difficult to pursue when I’m already comfortable in my computer chair and starting back at a monitor, with movies and series episodes wanting to be played or the world wide web egging me to log on. And in my heart and in my mind I know that these stuff that I value are of greater importance than these distractions, yet they’re really hard to ignore when I’m already there looking at a computer screen, tired from the day’s worth of work and my body telling me it’s alright to relax. The next thing I know, my willpower is down to zero and minutes later I am surfing pages and pages of the internet and responding to notifications or watching Game of Thrones or The Big Bang Theory.

So now I am trying to find times of the day when I can do these things that I love, times of the day when I have the highest chances of success of saying “No!” to the pull of the PC, and get things done, doing one small thing I’m going to be proud of at a time. I find out that it’s usually in the morning before breakfast that I have the most resolve and control over my actions, and I’ve decided to maximize that option, especially during weekends. On weekdays, I must review the structure of my day, of when and where I can haggle a tiny piece of my time, maybe 30 minutes or so, and create a new habit that lets me focus on valuable projects bit by bit. I’ve already found a process that works for my software testing endeavors (easy, because my job sort of requires me to use my own projects) so there’s no reason I can’t find a method or two that makes it possible for me to do these other activities that are good for my soul.


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