Give Us A Fun And Worthwhile Quest To Do

A team leader does not simply give instructions to each of the members of the team every chance he gets. What he shares is a general goal that everyone in the team can relate to, a mission of sorts for a span of time when the group needs to work together, a fun and worthwhile quest to do. The team members more likely than not already know their roles in the group, and often do not need you to remind them of those. They actually picked you to be their leader because they thought you’re the kind of person that does things differently, and definitely better than that. You, therefore, must trust that they know their jobs very well, must respect their work and the rituals they do for the sake of completing their tasks as remarkable as they can. You, as their leader, do not need to do more pushing, but do more pulling instead. Help them in various ways only you can – providing them with information they need, equipping them tools they can use to make better things, giving them clear answers for each of the difficult questions they ask, and supplying them enough time and freedom for making the best possible work – because those are their hopes when they decided to pick you. More instructions alone do not help them or you in getting to where the team wants to be. Giving them reasons to trust, respect, and help you does.


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