Eight Hours A Day, Every Weekday

I work hard and smart in my scheduled hours of work in the office. I take the time I spend there seriously because the work I do is important to me, and you, as my employer, pay me for my services. Eight hours a day, five days a week, what we’ve agreed on. I’ll be at my desk doing good testing work that I should be known for, providing you with information you need to make better decisions. If I’m not there, someone probably asked for my help and I obliged to look at her problem, hoping to give her the answer she’s seeking. Or if I’m nowhere near, I might be taking a short break to take my mind off things for a little bit, to reboot so I can work better when I’m back in front of the computer. What I’d like to say is that I am determined to always do what I can, every time I’m doing my job. Then you give me the agreed payment in exchange for doing what I do, a mutual understanding that we have.

And that’s it. Eight hours a day, every weekday. No overtime. I gave you my consent for the agreed time but none for anything extra. The rest of of the day is mine, and it is for the other important, personal, things I like to do in my life, as well as for preparations to do another round of great work the next day as what’s promised in our contract.


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