Help Us Make Sure We Are Ready To Go Live

We are due for the project release very soon. Why do we need to fix this bug?

If the computation’s all wrong, if our clients will be redirected to a wrong page or if they can’t do an action on a control, if the page itself does not load or if there are security loopholes, then by all mean we need to fix those issues immediately. Right now, in fact. Our programmers will even be glad you pointed that out and will be busting their asses as soon as possible to find a solution, no further questions asked (except for the procedure to replicate the error).

But if you tell us to change an element’s alignment, font size or color, if you say to us that we must change an existing copy for one or two scenarios when the existing content actually works fine and we risk breaking the other many scenarios that we have, you’re not helping us do our jobs well. You’re making our heads ache in frustration and then we become more prone to errors because we’re in a bad mood. We know you meant it well when you say that it’ll make the app more beautiful, more pleasing to the eye, but do you really want us to prioritize that issue over maintaining the integrity of the current build when we’re days, hours even, away from the release? Can’t it wait?

Sure, we can make those changes. But please let us do it on a sprint when there’s ample time for proper development and testing, not when we all have our hands full trying to see if everything is working as intended. Help us make sure we are ready to go live, not drown us with bug reports that often we can leave alone for the next cycle.


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