To me, part of the appeal of working in the software testing field is due to the nature of software systems. Apps change. Multiple times a year, some of their requirements are likely to get overhauled. Other programs are being built from scratch. Needs change. Technologies change. Business processes and flow change. As such, digital apps keep changing too and are evolving alongside people’s wishes. That’ what makes software testing work rarely boring and often challenging: because we get to have multiple chances at exploring systems, seeing what they’re made of and thinking about how they help us do the things we need to do. We are trained to be curious. We always look for patterns or their lack of. We keep a good eye out for details and we’re usually asking ourselves why a particular feature needs to perform a certain way. We have a hand in making things better.

And it gets better over time, when we start to realize that testing doesn’t have to be limited to client work. It extends to testing our own life systems, our beliefs, and the places where we want to go.


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