Time Trading

It is important to earn enough money for a living, to pay existing debt (if we have those), to buy gadgets we wish to get or a car or a place to live, to help ease family expenses or start our own, to save up for emergencies and retirement, and to enjoy life’s rewards for doing work. We often have a rough idea of a number which translates to how much we think is enough and we all struggle hard to reach that goal. For a six-figure salary or earning millions, most of us will probably sacrifice a big deal of time and energy because we believe that’s what it takes to purchase the life that we want. We’ll work overnights, double shifts, or weekends if required. But time is irreplaceable and fixed and priceless and is worth more than it seems. And as much as it is great to take home plenty of cash in exchange for services rendered, we still need to see to it that we trade our hours for stuff we truly value.


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