On workdays, I go to the office early to start my day productively, often starting with the most important tasks on my list. Some officemates also come in early but they like to do some chit-chatting first before doing their work so I usually keep my noise-cancelling earphones and soothing music on in order to keep them from distracting me.

A programmer friend resigned months ago. Two other programmer friends who have been with her most of the time during her stay are now thinking about leaving the company too.

I was the only software tester when I started working for my current employer. After 3 years, I now work with four other testers/scrum masters who have always helped me a great deal in getting things done.

We don’t think too much about how circumstances in our environment affects how we perform our work but there’s no mistaking that it matters. Little things can change our mood and performance, small suggestions can become a factor in life decisions, and the people around us can surely help or hinder us from enjoying what we do for a living.


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