Halfway There

I’ll soon be three years working as a software tester for my current employer and recent experiences and domain knowledge of all the applications we develop in the company has left me thinking more about the big picture of software development endeavors instead of delving deep into each and every detail of projects, mostly because of the time budget I can only give testing each app. I’ve seen how software grows in complexity and understood how manual testing is having a hard time keeping up with testing demands. There is an ongoing test automation project (being built for the end goal of helping perform regression tests) but it’ll take a bit more time before it pays off. And while I  continue to study I am forced to check quality by focusing on the most critical functions that must not be broken by pre-release. For everything else, I have to trust my team’s work, which I want to say have been great.

Needless to say, our apps will continue to grow and will become more and more difficult to test in the coming years. My automated tests need to keep up and grow more useful week after week because I don’t want my team to be bogged down by regression testing anymore in future projects. I want them to focus on having fun checking new features and helping their programmers create beautiful things.


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