Why Is It Important For A Software Tester To Understand Programming?

More than paving way in learning software test automation tools, more than a badge in the resume or a skill that can be showed off to peers, more than being able to understand or explain why software systems behave the way they do, more than knowing how difficult or easy it is to fix issues or add new functionality, more than providing insight in risk assessment, the appreciation of how programming works gives the software tester the capability to recognize the feelings of her partner (the programmer) in the software development process. When a software tester knows why her developer feels a certain way in a specific task or in a particular unplanned work, she can act accordingly, with swiftness and with full comprehension of the situation, because the communication lines between them are in sync. A software tester who realizes what programmers go through in order to deliver quality work intimately knows what they need and provides that to them everytime as much as she can.

And then, after much time together, the software tester who deeply comprehends and values what programmers do is most likely rewarded with two indispensable gifts: respect and friendship.


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