Testing Speed, Failing, and the Road to Mastery

For the past few days I’ve been deeply engaged in parallel test automation, trying to master it because of a problem I have with the total time running all my automated test consumes. They take a day to finish, which is not really desirable when performing regression tests. Testing speed is a major problem I have with manual testing complex applications, the reason why I studied automation on my own, and it continues to be my concern with blocks of sequential automated tests. This year, I’m hoping I’d be able overcome this issue. It would be awesome if I can deliver meaningful and accurate test results a lot quicker than it usually takes now, say an hour or so.

It’s been a frustrating ride so far. There’s a lot of failed tests, as I can’t seem to make two similar tests (using the same set of methods) with different parameter values run successfully on two different browser tabs. But that’s always the case with learning something new: you fall a lot at first and you start to wonder how other people make it look so easy.  Yet you continue to research and tirelessly work around the problem because it’s something important, and then, eventually, you gain the experience and the knowledge to make it work flawlessly and you feel like you just mastered something magical.


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