Do You Need Test Automation?

At this stage of your working career as a software tester, do you feel that the software applications you need to test are becoming more complex after each project release? Are they more time-consuming to test overall now than they were months ago? Have the manual test cases you’ve written before for a specific app functionality increased in number? Do you need to repeatedly test your scenarios in more than one browser? Do you need several days (or weeks) to complete one pass of all your test requirements? I’m talking about testing all non-negotiable software requirements for a successful release, the features that clients frequently use, the things that most need not break.

Do you want your computer to help you go over another round of tests while you sleep soundly?

If you answered Yes to most of these questions, then you need to invest in learning and applying test automation in your software testing toolbox. Your manual testing skills could use some of their help.


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