You Don’t Need To Work Long Hours To Be Productive

and often working on overtime doesn’t help. You won’t think clearly by keeping yourself stressed for stretched periods of time. You won’t refresh your mind and gain new insights by looking at the problem too hard in a single place. You’ll miss interesting opportunities with friends or family if you stay in the office long after office hours. And you certainly won’t have the energy the next day to do whatever it is you need to do when you’re not letting your body get the reboot it needs at the end of a work day.

So work hard and smart towards your important goals for a good number of hours each day and no more than that, taking necessary breaks in between. Then go home. No office work extensions. Spend quality time with the people you love, or alone with yourself if that’s what you prefer. Productive does not mean getting lots of things done in 24-hour spans, it means focusing your limited daily energy to taking a step forward to achieving your hopes and dreams and recharging your batteries after doing enough, knowing that there’s still tomorrow to look ahead to and to be excited with.


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