Make The Most Out Of Your Time Online

There was a time in high school when I’ve always brought with me in class a huge red Websters encyclopedia in my backpack. It was not for show nor I was trying to build shoulder muscles, but because I liked to read and discover new things. There were sections in the encyclopedia covering interesting topics – dinosaurs, mythical Gods, Earth and the solar system, etcetera – mostly scientific and historical facts. I’ve always liked to pass the time browsing through journals and magazines. Computers and the internet were not yet available back then in the town where I spent my childhood so I just fed myself with information from physical books.

Today we have the world wide web. Most malls and entertainment plazas already provide free wifi, and mobile carriers have internet plan options for their consumers. Pages and pages of information are within our grasp if we look for it. We can google things. People even provide courses for others for free. And yet many only go online to post a status or to comment or to look at somebody’s profile or photos. Few join courses and self-study, do research and help others solve problems, or share their art to the world.

If we have time to browse for random stuff and lurk around other people’s pages, surely we also have the time to learn the things that are important to us, create things to show online, properly connect to the people who matter to us, and make the most of our time.


2 thoughts on “Make The Most Out Of Your Time Online

  1. Very nice advice and surely we can learn a lot from Internet if we look at the right pages. Just like I did by reading your blog today 🙂 Thanks!


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