Selenium IDE Commonly Used Commands (Part 1)

Selenium IDE cater to a huge list of commands for automated testing and I have yet to master all of them. After a year of experience with the Firefox plugin, I’ve only used about twenty or so, repeatedly. Here are some of them:

  • open. We always open a webpage to start an automated test case and open is the command to redirect the test to that desired page.


  • pause. Often there are sections in a test case where we do not want to proceed immediately command by command, either because the test needs to wait for some hidden element to appear first or because we like to see how the page is being tested ourselves, slowly. There is a speed slider in Selenium but I prefer to use pause since that way I won’t have to set up the speed of my saved test cases when I reuse them.


  • click. There will always be links and buttons that needs clicking.


  • clickAndWait. When clicking a link or a button redirects the test to a new page, clickAndWait is better than using click because it forces the test to wait for the new page to load first rather than executing the next command immediately. The waiting time is, of course, limited to the default timeout value.


  • setTimeout. If automated tests fail because of the default timeout for reasons like the server running slow on a particular day, increasing the default timeout value using setTimeout helps.


  • type. As there will be links and buttons that need clicking, there are often input boxes that needs filling, especially for e-commerce sites.


  • select. Sometimes there are options that needs selecting instead of text boxes to type on.


  • goBack. And when you need to go back one page in history, goBack will be useful.






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