Putting In Other People’s Shoes

Day to day work for a software tester involves having conversations with two distinct groups of people: the product manager and the software developer. On one end, the product manager, as the representative of the customer, knows why discussed features need to be built and its requirements. On the other end, the programmer knows the ins and outs of building the things itself out of given ideas and concepts. Meanwhile, as the application is being built, the software tester bridges the two parties together in order to make sure that the software works as what the client intended.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Since programmers and product owners have varying priorities and because they work with different perspectives (even if they are working towards the same goal), this means the software tester needs to put herself in the shoes of the two, that is, if she wants to fully understand what the team is trying to do. If she undeniably comprehends the process, the feature requirements, the systems and tools she can use, and the people included in the project, it follows that she’ll definitely do her work really well.


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