Ingredients For Running A Selenium IDE Automated Test Case

We need three things:

Selenium IDE Installation Process:

  1. Download Selenium IDE by clicking the link above
  2. After the download, Firefox will ask the user if he/she wants to install the add-on now. Click Install Now1-Download_SeIDE
  3. After installation, Firefox will prompt for a browser restart 2-Download_Finished
  4. After restart, Selenium IDE should be available in the Tools section

Running a sample automated test case:

  1. Download the sample automated test case
  2. Open Selenium IDE in Firefox, either by clicking Selenium IDE in the Tools tab or by keyboard shortcut Ctrl Alt S4-SeIDE_Location
  3. Open the sample automated test case by going to the File tab, clicking Open, and selecting the downloaded file named SeIDE_automatedTestSample (which is a HTML file) 5-SeIDE_SampleTestScript
  4. Play the sample automated test case by either clicking the one of two Play icons in the IDE. This test case will redirect the user to Google and type and search the simple phrase “Sample automated test run via SeIDE, success!” 6-SeIDE_SampleTestScript_Play

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