Tomorrow Is Another Day

For the software tester, some days are long and hard.

Popup messages appear one after another from people asking for assistance and requests. Mails pour in for the same reason. There are ongoing bug fixes she knows she needs to focus on with her programmers but she can’t, not with all these incoming distractions. Her boss calls for a meeting and it takes an ample amount of time that she could have used to follow up more important things, especially now with deadlines looming. Several application updates are in line for testing and she’s sorry she’s unable to provide test reports yet. She’s also required to double-check software requirements with the product owners on upcoming projects. With the little free time she has, she tries to create automated tests on the side because she knows this will help her in future regression work. Some testing documents are outdated and needs reviewing too, she remembers.

When all these things happening in rapid succession on any given day, it’s easy to fail. With these many things to attend to and keep track of, it’s difficult to concentrate and making mistakes is almost inevitable.

But that’s alright. Even on unsuccessful days, the remarkable software tester does her utmost best. She takes the hit, she takes responsibility for the mistakes and she extracts whatever she can learn from them. She knows that tomorrow is another day. Eventually, she gets better and grows.


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