Seek To Understand

Programmers, software testers and product owners each has their own important roles on the software development process and, even though they need to work alongside one another, they each has their respective jobs to perform. Product owners write the business rules based on information they get from customers, programmers work their magic to develop a program that give life to client’s requests, software testers support both product owners and programmers by building a steady bridge (and a steady software) between the two. We work together even though we each still live in our own worlds filled with lists of to do’s, even  though we have different values and beliefs, even though we don’t have the same goals to achieve, and even though we don’t share the same stories to tell.

Who we work with on projects will definitely have their own personal quirks. They each will have their own biases. Opinions will inevitably clash and misunderstandings will surely occur. But that doesn’t stop the team from pulling off a fantastic job if they don’t falter from trying to help, if each continuously seek to understand the other.


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