When We (Or Other People) Make Mistakes

Everyday, we try to go about our tasks without fail. We want the things we do to flow smoothly, without mistakes, without errors, because we want to be happy. We seek the ideal, we always go for the perfect. We get angry it when things don’t go our way.

We often forget that the only thing we learn from success is that we can. We do not learn anything new from not failing, only the fact that we have the abilities to succeed. We can learn many things, however, from making mistakes, planned or not, about how certain processes work, about what variables affect the results, about what things we can change in order to improve, and about what decisions work better than others.

We learn more about ourselves when we fail and we learn many things from other people too when we allow them to make miscalculations from time to time. Making mistakes is a natural event, we need only to learn as much as we can from them when they happen and say thanks for the lessons. We do not have to be afraid.


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