Questions and What Matters

  • Are the requirements complete?
  • Is the application ready for release?
  • Can we survive with what we have?
  • Are the clients satisfied?
  • Does our target audience talk about our products?
  • Is the team excited and healthy?
  • Are we here to make money or are we here to help?
  • Will this process help us in the long run?
  • Is this our best work?
  • Why did we fail to meet the deadline?
  • What do we do when there are no critical issues to attend to?
  • Are there more important things to do than what we’re currently doing?
  • Are we generous?
  • Who are we trying to please?
  • Why become a software tester?
  • Did we learn anything valuable today?

Often, we need to know what questions to ask in order to know what matters.


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