Isolating the Root Cause

Being able to isolate the cause of the problem and communicating it clearly to the developer is one thing that separates the remarkable software tester from those who only reports issues without specifics. Reporting bugs is easy but just letting the programmer sort it all out on his own is inefficient. Bug fixing will definitely take longer this way and there’s a bigger chance that the developer would accidentally change something else in the code. If that happens, time is wasted and unnecessary stress is left to sabotage everyone in the room. Clearly pointing out how the issue happened and why the fix is needed, meanwhile, is a better (albeit a more difficult) approach – the developer will easily find where to make the change thus chopping bug fixing time by a good amount. At the same time, the software tester will learn to understand the feature better, will improve her focus as well as testing and communication skills, and (a bonus!) will make a good impression of herself on the team.


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