Be An Expert In Pacing

The project deadline looms and the software development team is experiencing bouts of pressure to finish the remaining tasks. The software tester, meanwhile, starts to perform her system tests and finds issues in the assumed resolved tasks. She reports them to the programmers one after another, bullets are fired in succession, and the developers become more anxious. With each found bug thrown back for resolution and current tasks held back, the cycle continues and adrenaline and worries and fear blow things out of proportion. In the end, the whole development team suffers: developers, distracted by the bug reports that need fixing, are unable to finish what they started, and software testers, who have become so preoccupied with their need to pass a perfect software, forget to take extra care of themselves and their teammates who can only do so much in a given time.

The expert software tester knows how to pace herself and her team. She’s learned what issues needs to be addressed first (or last) and recognizes how well her team can handle them. She acknowledges the need to test as early as possible and she does not throw problems for mending all at once or one after another. She remembers that each member of the group, including herself, requires enough rest to be able to work well, to finish most things (if not everything) in high quality fashion.


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