A Survey On Scrum

My boss recently decided to survey the team about the team’s outlook on the scrum process, asking for comments and/or suggestions. Here’s what I was able to say:

The good thing about having the scrum in the current development process is that it forces everyone in the team to plan and really think about their goals for the next few weeks. This is definitely better than just reacting to desired software modifications from clients all at the same time. What it gives is the time to work on the most important issues first, with focus.

As such, the scrum process, the sprints, will really work well for everyone if the teams (ideally) are able to work on their respective projects with focus, with no or very minimal unplanned side requests. Estimations are easier to assess in this case as well; it is very hard to properly estimate the amount of work a team can finish if they are continuously disrupted by issues outside of the current project.

Other things:
1. Most, if not all, dependencies should be finished before the sprint starts.
2. No overtime work.
3. Add a day or two in the sprint duration, for regression testing and bug fixing. OR reduce the amount of estimated work to be completed in each sprint in order to fill in the tests.
4. Consider enough additional time in developer estimation for proper code reviews.


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