Do Creative Work

Software testers are often swamped doing reactive type of work. Day-to-day tasks are filled with checking and responding to emails, creating bug reports, testing bug fixes, or providing important testing information to people who are asking. Their work schedule can be easily overwhelmed with following up on updates from programmers or confirmation from product managers, especially while there still a backlog of testing to do for demanding clients, and (most of the time) there isn’t much room for doing anything else. This poses an interesting problem: a software tester that is too busy responding to issues day-in day-out will soon find herself stuck in the flow without changes in processes, always just reacting to whatever new concern is the most priority, just a cog in a machine.

Better for her to challenge oneself to move outside the loop, to find time bit by bit, to find ways to experiment and improve her skill set, to make herself more valuable in software testing work, to balance reactive work with creative work without waiting for instructions from the boss.


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