Seven Questions For The Software Tester Candidate

From time to time I get to interview a software tester candidate. It’s an experience I’ve been tasked to perform by default as a result of me being the only software tester in the company when I was hired. It’s also something that I’m not accustomed to doing but it’s a worthwhile privilege — it means that the company trusts my gut in selecting other responsible would-be software testers.

I’m still testing the interview process, hoping to learn how to effectively see (in such a short span of time) a person’s value in the software testing work by asking questions. Here’s a list of seven things I usually ask the candidates:

  • how their normal day at work looks like
  • what was the most challenging work they did
  • why they choose to do software testing work
  • what they want to change in the work process
  • what they want to learn in the field
  • what their goals are for the next five years
  • what questions have they prepared for me to answer

I’m still in the hunt for the great questions I can ask future software testers as well as for the impressive answers they’ll give.


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