The Problem With Regression Testing

is that it can easily bore the person who is doing the tests.

Imagine yourself repeatedly checking each form, each button or field, each functionality for completeness, for compliance to system requirements and see if you don’t get tired of doing it over and over again, after a while. It is dragging, because you already know how things should work and there’s already a list of what particular things (in your mind) to look out for. The new feature is more fun to test just because it is new – the tester is almost always bound to stumble upon bugs of various sorts.

But, of course, the importance of regression testing can’t be stressed enough. It is there because maintaining the quality of existing system features is as important as the usefulness of the new requirements. It is then up to the creative mind of the tester to find ways to counter the boredom.

One suggestion: learn software test automation.


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